Lora-Marie enjoys presentations and book signings.

To schedule her you can contact the following publicists. She can present her research with or without visuals and enjoys readings. She also appreciates the chance to sell, sign books and talk to the audience.

While contacting the following publicists is the formal route to book her, she doesn’t mind if you contact her directly. She doesn’t mind if you call her. She’s in regular contact with her publicists. If you use social media, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn are the fastest ways to find her. She also has Snapchat and Instagram accounts.


Counterfeit Prince of Old Texas: Swindling Slaver Monroe Edwards

For book signings or presentations about the biography of Monroe Edwards, the Battle of Anahuac,
the Texas slave market, the connection between England, Mexico and Texas before the Texas Revolution or an in-depth look at the connection between Texas and the African slave fortresses, contact:

Victoria Boneberg
Marketing Specialist
+1 843.853.2070 x201

Houston Center: A Vision to Excellence

For book signings or presentations on the modern history of the heart of downtown Houston, the George R. Brown Convention Center, Houston Center or the deep history of Quality Hill, Houston’s original blue-blood neighborhood contact:

Frank Staats

Lower Brazos River Canals

For book signings or presentations on the Brazos River, deep history of Southeast Texas or the history of Texas’s water management contact:

Kayla Brown, publicist
+1 843.853.2070 x127