Lecture & Story Topics

From the moment Jean Lafitte left the shores of Galveztown to the dawn of the Texas revolution, Lora-Marie has researched the lives of those who fought for and against the rise of Texas. Based on the research for her book Counterfeit Prince, she can share these swashbuckling nonfiction stories with a small luncheon group or an audience at a convention. These are mesmerizing topics that show truth fascinates more than fiction.

1. Texas-Africa slavery. The journey of a Texan slaver to Africa includes lost secrets of pirates escaping British maritime patrols, the abolitionist missionaries of the African coast and how British banks courted the African slave fortresses.

2. From Fredonia to the Brazos. The influence and demise of a proud Kentucky family in pre-revolution Texas included the creation of a new country in a Mexican colony called Tejas.  

3. The Lost Fortune that became West Galveston Bay. A failed immigration movement in Kentucky/Tennessee created the first settlers on the Galveston mainland.

4. Austin and his Frenemies. Stephen F. Austin double-crossed the family that funded his plans to settle Texas and stole the Hill Country in the process.

5. Exploitation: The Texas-British Connection The largest economic crash in the world was called the Great Panic of 1837. Texas slave traders lost their fortunes overnight and one turned to a life of crime to settle his scores. 

6. The Texan who Fooled Wall Street. A celebrity criminal in the 1800s manipulated the American commodities trade system to swindle the first investment bank on Wall Street. 

7. The Love Affair of Kitty Clover. The complicated life and adventures of a slave woman who protected Texas’s notorious international criminal. 

8.. How to Swindle a Texas Plantation. Galveston’s famed Tremont Hotel became the founding site of an international crime spree that exploited the Texas plantation and slave system.